reading list


If you are interested in learning further about 1930s Seaside Moderne architecture and modernist interior design from the mid war period period, below is my current reading list of relevant texts:


Bennett, P. (1996) Blackpool Pleasure Beach: A Hundred Years of Fun. Blackpool: Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

Ching, F (2007) Architecture: Forms, Space & Order.  Sussex: John Wiley & Sons

Chamberlain, R, Rayner, G, Stapleton, A. (2012) Artists Textiles 1940-1976. Woodbridge: Antiques Collectors Club Ltd.

Day, S, Michaeloff, Y (2015) Carpets of the Art Deco Era.  London: Thames and Hudson Ltd.

Francis Mallgrave, H. (2009) Modern Architectural Theory: A Historical Survey, 1673-1968. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Gardner Troy, V.  (2006) The Modernist Textile: Europe and America (1890-1940). London: Lund Humphries Publishers Ltd.

Gray, F.  (2006) Designing the Seaside: Architecture, Society and Nature.  London: Reaktion Books.

Guise, B.  (2012)  The Midland Hotel: Morecambe’s White Hope. Lancaster: Palatine Books.

Lycett, G. (2011) Seaside Resorts. London: Oldie Publications.

Harris, A, Feigel, L (Eds) (2011) Modernism on Sea. 2nd Edition.  Oxford: Peter Lang Ltd.

Pearson, L.F. (2008) Piers and other seaside architecture.  Oxford: Shire Publications Ltd.

Peter, B. (2007) Form follows Fun: Modernism and Modernity in British Pleasure Architecture 1925-1940. London: Routledge.

Samuels, C. (2015). Art Deco Textiles.  London: V& A Publishing.

Toulmin, V. (2011) Blackpool Pleasure Beach: More than just an Amusement Park.  Derbyshire: Boco Publishing Ltd.

Venturi, R. (1977) Learning from Las Vegas: The Forgotten Symbolism of Architectural Form.  Cambridge, USA: MIT Press

Walton, JK. (2007) Riding on Rainbows: Blackpool Pleasure Beach and its Place in British Popular Culture. St Albans: Skelter Publishing LLP.

Webb, S, Hall, S, Bracewell, M. (2008) The Midland Hotel. Stockport: Dewi Lewis Publishing.

Winter, G, Brodie, A.  (2007) English Seaside Resorts.  London: English Heritage.





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